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About us

We Offer Baked Goods With Benefits:

Relieve anxiety and stress
Help with sleeplessness
Reduce arthritis and muscular pain
Alleviate headaches

All of our products are handmade with organic hemp CBD grown on local farms in and around North Carolina.  We use fresh butter and eggs and organic raisins—good, simple, unprocessed food stuffs. We are a small-batch bakery based in Raleigh, NC that produces freshly-baked hemp CBD infused edibles. We love that our products help people and their pets feel better, even just a little bit.

CBD edibles are safe for everyone—nursing moms, kids, grown-ups, and pets. Dogs need to calm down too!

You will have a hard time finding freshly baked, all-natural CBD products for people or pets. Most CBD edibles contain preservatives to extend shelf-life.

Our Pricing

Rio Bios products are priced very competitively and fairly.  The closest competitor for fresh baked  CBD-infused edibles charges $7.50 per cookie plus shipping.  A dozen Rio Bios cookies are only $5.00 per cookie with FREE SHIPPING.

 For CBD-infused pet treats, product cost ranges from $16.99 to $34.99 with an average price of $25.57 plus shipping.  Rio Bios pet treats are only $15.00 to $20.00 per dozen with FREE SHIPPING.

Baking. Making People and Their Pets Feel Better. Having Fun.