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Pets Treats

There are more and more pet owners seeking CBD products for their furry friends and CBD-infused treats make it a lot easier to get your pet to "take his medicine."

Reduces Anxiety 

  • Anxiety is awful to have, whether you are a human or a dog. The sad thing is your dog can’t talk about the suffering they are feeling, and that is where it can be a real downer for pet owners.
  • Many dogs suffer from anxiety and have been known to be depressed and extremely anxious in certain situations, such as when their owner leaves (separation anxiety). This can result in destructive behaviors such as chewing objects, urinating, pacing, and more.
  • Rio Bios CBD pet treats help because they can relax and calms your dog.

Boost Appetite

  • When a dog  loses their appetite, it can be hard to pinpoint the reason why.
  • Majority of the time, however, they lose it due to nausea. As a human, we won’t eat when we feel like that unless we take something to alleviate the digestive issue and receive pain relief.
  • Rio Bios CBD pet treats can help boost your dog’s appetite.

Relieves Chronic Pain/Arthritis

  • Even dogs can’t escape arthritis, but CBD treats can help with that.
  • Not only that, but CBD soothes the chronic inflammation that prevents your dog from healing properly.
  • In the sad event that your dog's health is failing, CBD will ease the way, relaxing your pet without the loopy side effects of pain-killing drugs.

    Man vs. Pet

    • You may be interested to know that both humans and dogs have the same endogenous cannabinoid system. We’re closer to our furry friends than we realize!
    • Dogs require a lower dosage than humans, don't give your dog a CBD treat designed for people.

    CBD Dosage Guide for Dogs 

    What works for one dog may not work for another, even if they are the same size.

    Rio Bios pet treats are 4 mg so you may need to break one in half for a smaller dog .



    Rio Bio Treats/Day

    Under 20 lbs.

    1-5 mg

    ½ to 1 treat

    21-50 lbs.

    5-10 mg

    1 ½ to 2 ½ treats

    Over 51 lbs.

    15+ mg

    3 to 6 treats